Nichelle Cox is a New York native visual artist primarily disciplined in digital photography.

This artistic journey began in the 1990's, in a modest Bronx public school dance class.  Learning to communicate with the body and being exposed to the concept of technique and specialization sparked an ongoing commitment to obtaining skills in both formal and informal learning settings. When this performative foundation curriculum started to too closely resemble "team sports" a new interest in being behind the scenes in order to better articulate a narrative was born.

 The combination of frustration and the need to create and escape formed the bedrock of self teaching and experimentation that can only exist without access to traditional academic training.  The first camera kit she ever purchased was a modest consumer model whose capabilities had to be superseded in order to compete with working professionals.  In this environment, problem solving became an integral part of the creative process and developed a unique perspective on the concept of obstacle and access.

Returning to an educational environment in 2013- obtaining an associate's degree and determined to obtain a bachelor's degree in fine arts- helped further carve out this perspective while providing different methods to articulate that view.

The totality of these factors along with various crafts and experiences in different media along the way have resulted in an appreciation for the often unappreciated and a fearlessness in traveling the road less travelled to retell tales of drama, nuance, comedy and translate an understanding of society as a whole.